Opposing Concepts

Think for thought.

What I Know About Germans

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Booty Swing - Parov Stelar



More personal projects!

These were done very sporatically throughout the past year haha, but still continuing with this one.

GUYS GUYS. my friend Lee made a tumblr and he paints pretty *v*

go on, follow his blog. he’s very friendLee :D

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Like a galaxy being born,

Thoughts are forcefully emerging by the night.

Indeed, a true wise man

Uses darkness as his light.


Send me a poem less on love

And I may be intrigued.

Love is so common nowadays

It does not interest me.


For a person to see beyond their self

They must first get over that same being.

For no one can see the forest

At the foot of a tree.

And one can't accept another view

Without accepting theirs as deniable.

Think with your brain, not your heart

As only one of those can be replaced.


Sara K. Golish: Sundust

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Sundust is a new series of ten portraits of fictional sun goddesses by Toronto-based visual artist Sara Golish

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Bike Life in Berlin | Travel Studies

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This week, I tell a story about my first week using a bike in Berlin. Check it out when you get the chance!

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