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A Trip Down Memory Lane: The End of Freshman Year, 2013-2014

This morning, I woke up to Spring sunlight against my dorm window, and the sad realization that I only have three weeks left of Freshman Year. Considering how happy I have been at NYU, the nearing end is one I am dreading… However, since it is an end all college students must face, I might as well embrace it.

Thus, to encapsulate the moment, here is a list of some of the things I will remember most from my first year at NYU. The list is long, so bear with me.

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Joe Hisaishi - Hareta Hi ni...


Joe Hisaishi - Hareta Hi Ni

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Blossom (by Millie Clinton: www.mcphotography.org.uk)

To My Future Student

(A Pep Talk)
            By Lila Faria

I am not a teacher.
I am not a dictionary database,
             Spilling fact and fiction out
                        in the form of speech,
So that my presence can be forgotten. 

My title is, “Educator.”
             Derived from the term, “Educare,”
E.G. “To bring up,” “To rise,”
             “To nourish,” “To train.”
I will move you with ideas, methods,
            and teach you – Not facts,
But how to DO
            ANYTHING you could possibly imagine. 

I will teach you
            that knowledge can lead to action,
And that there are things others say
            “Can’t be done”
Which can be done
            by you. 

I will teach you
That some words
            can be described by feelings,
And some stars
            can be grasped without wings. 

From me, you will learn
            How to separate “I’m” from ”impossible”;
How to turn “no”
            into “yes,”
And that “can’t”
            just means “not yet.” 

I will accept the educational burden,
            and sow your academic seeds.
I will teach you to water them,
            nourish, and train.
They will spread their vibrant petals
            towards the sky,
                        And so will you. 

My darling, the best educator
            is she who can teach education
                        as she is taught herself,
And you and I
            have only just begun.

Photographs by Serenity and Wanderlust (A.K.A. My good friend, McKenzie)

I Am Awesome, And That Is Okay

Last night, I asked a friend of mine why people tend to think I am in my mid-20’s, even though I am only 18. After a moment of thought, he told me he believed it was because I am “comfortable in my own skin.”

I think he’s right.

For some reason, many women my age are uncomfortable with something about themselves. Whether it’s the way they look, the way they eat, the way they dress… There is always something about them they would like to change.

What they don’t seem to realize, is that you can’t change everything.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Dance Your Way Through Your 20s



1. It’s fun.

Increasingly, a high number of 20-somethings are under pressure in which the majority of them are stuck in a cycle of repetition that does not allow them to truly enjoy their lives. Dancing is a way to relieve some of that pressure. It is a fun activity to do with anyone or even alone.

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This is important.

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Getting ready for Germany.

Tim Bendzko - Nur Noch Kurz Die Welt Retten